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Manufacturing Execution System

Production supervisors, managers and executives want to know everything they possibly can about what is happening on the shop floor instantaneously.  They also want solid historical data to assess performance against targets for quality, cost, and on-time delivery. They want data that shows at a glance how well manufacturing is achieving their critical success factors.

Having a good source of day-to-day performance information goes a long way toward helping to spot small problems before they become big ones, and directing and evaluating continuous improvement initiatives that support company strategy.  The details gleaned from reporting in Paper-Less MV2 give managers the visibility they need to keep business on track and improving.

Using Paper-Less MV2 to track production and quality populates a database that is a rich source of detail for detail and summary reports and dashboards that support all levels of management in their efforts toward greater profitability and success in the marketplace.  One of the challenges that management faces is having enough solid data to provide the foundation for good decisions that support future success.  MV2 goes a long way toward satisfying that need on a daily basis.