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Manufacturing Execution System

Engineering and Production Supervision professionals require detailed information from production statistics that enables them to increase customer value by increasing productivity, reducing scrap, and ultimately minimizing costs. Paper-Less can create greater visibility into individual production processes allowing engineers and production supervision to make more concise decisions.  This insight includes how a part may be produced by one employee versus another or on one machine versus another is critical to improving the production process. In addition, Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions enable engineers to pinpoint areas that need attention due to either high equipment downtime or non-conformance quality issues that could arise during the production process. These and other critically important non-value added processes will become more visible with real-time reporting though Paper-Less.

Direct, real-time information to and from the shop floor environment is a large benefit to individuals responsible for production metrics. Engineering change notices, engineering drawings or machine setup/run instructions are more effectively communicated to shop personnel on a digital real-time basis, improving accuracy and efficiency.

With improved communications to Engineers and Production Supervision and more detailed information coming from shop floor personnel, the needs of all are greatly facilitated through Paper-Less MES solutions. Paper-Less enhances the facilitation of continuous improvement initiatives which will offer greater efficiency resulting in better delivery performance and increased overall customer satisfaction.