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Manufacturing Execution System

Accounting professionals require accurate data from all sources throughout the company. In a manufacturing company, the production floor represents an incredible challenge when it comes to obtaining complete, detailed and accurate information for raw materials inventory, WIP, finished goods, time and attendance, production, labor, and quality.

Manual tracking systems for mission critical accounting needs are simply inadequate. They not only impose time into the accounting process to resolve errors, sometimes creating delays in information availability of a day or more, they also impose delays into the production process for the workers who must record their activities manually.

Paper-Less can greatly reduce the burden of recording critical shop floor data into the accounting systems through systems designed with end user workflows in mind. We believe strongly in pushing data capture events to the source of the information and resolving issues through effective edits before the data gets into our system, and worse yet, up to Accounting. Our Paper-Less MV2 software is highly integrated with ERP data and extends the reach of ERP to the plant floor. Paper-Less respects ERP data and gains tremendous value and efficiencies through utilizing the data sourced in the business systems. We leverage that integration to produce accurate and real-time data from across the plant floor which feeds ERP. The result is increased accuracy and timeliness of information feeding the accounting systems, which reduces overhead and administration, and improves the overall responsiveness of the organization.

Sound too good to be true? Well, please look further. Investigate our history and the strengths of our product with an eye toward the needs of accounting. Understand how we leverage ERP and its strengths to gain real business value and extend ERP to the plant floor through Paper-Less MV2 to create a true enterprise solution.