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Manufacturing Execution Software

MV2 makes the process of scheduling and communicating schedule requirements to production workers a very simple process.  Paperless Scheduling is intended to provide production supervisors an automated tool to schedule workloads on a daily basis. While ERP systems may have sophisticated tools to assess global considerations to conclude a production schedule, it is inevitable that supervisors will need to move work around to meet machine capacity concerns, human resource availability, or other considerations that are simply not known to planners or the planning system.

The Paperless Scheduling application has a simple user interface that allows supervisors to sequence orders with drag and drop tools. Visibility into jobs that are already started and jobs that may not be able to be completed on time are identified through color coding which helps to highlight concerns. A snapshot of all workcenters can be observed to hone in on problems before it is too late.

The Paperless Dispatch tool presents an electronic list of work assignments to production workers that instantaneously shows the scheduling decisions concluded by supervisors. The top prioritized jobs will appear at the top of the list. Configurable options exist to limit the opportunity to pick anything other than the top job on the list, or even to restrict the view to only the next job that is assigned. The Paperless Dispatch tool integrates with the Paperless Shop Packet to make the most up to date mission critical production information available to production workers.