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We offer two categories of software resale partnerships:

Co-Sell Partners devote a more significant aspect of their business to the sale of Paper-Less products.  At this level the partner takes on the responsibility for the entire sales process.  Product knowledge must exist to a level which enables the partner to handle all aspects of the sale, including presales and demonstration requirements, and ROI assessments. The Paper-Less sales and/or presales organization will take on more of a support and consultative role for the partner sales and presales team and will have no direct customer involvement. Preferred System Integrators will not possess the required expertise to support the implementation process.

Reseller Partners take on the same responsibilities as the Co-Sell Partners, with the addition of taking on responsibility for the implementation of the system. Once again, Paper-Less resources take a back seat role to support the resellers in the area of presales, sales, or implementation.

Implementation services around Paper-Less software products are another revenue opportunity. We encourage our Co-Sell and Reseller Partners to invest in building the knowledge and skills to implement our products.  Paper-Less will provide the training necessary to successfully complete our implementation.

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