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MV2 MES Overview

Paper-Less MV2 MES Overview

Paper-Less MV2 Production is the core of MV2’s holistic digital manufacturing execution system (MES) solution. In order to realize the full benefits of the MV2 system and truly harness the power of the universe of production data, manufacturers need to have Paper-Less MV2 MES as a complete package together with all of the modules: Time & Attendance, Inventory, Kanban and Quality. It is possible to purchase the core MV2 Production alone and later add the additional modules. Your Paper-Less Account Executive can help guide you towards the best approach for addressing your present and future business and production goals.



Information typically found in paper-based travelers or shop packets is made available digitally, virtually eliminating the setup and preparation time previously associated with each manufacturing order.  Additionally, any changes are automatically updated as the information is now available electronically. 

A scheduling tool is included with visual alerts to help supervisors manage daily scheduling tasks.  The results of their decisions are immediately broadcast to all operator work stations on the plant floor. 

With Paper-Less MV2 Production, operators will work on and report against the right job at the right time.  Errors are reduced or eliminated.  ERP is updated immediately with the activity from the production floor allowing visibility across the enterprise.  Notifications and alerts enable a manage by exception approach to managing the plant floor.  Learn when jobs are running slow or when material will be ready to move from one operation to the next.  These mission critical aids become essential to day to day operations and ensuring the right product is shipped on time.

Time & Attendance

The Paper-Less Time & Attendance module completely replaces manual time reporting systems, thereby eliminating either the collection or distribution of time cards or disparate databases. The design of MV2 Time & Attendance also allows you to reconcile time and attendance data against reported production data in one system, thereby eliminating the need to merge data from disparate systems. The result provides workers with a single system to learn and utilize. Once an employee is “clocked in” to MV2 Time & Attendance, they are “in” for all other reporting activities.


Material is where the bulk of the costs reside for the typical manufacturer, so accurate controls and management are critical to managing costs. As a result, much of the focus of production systems has migrated to tracking inventory, thus rendering inadequate production tracking solutions. Paper-Less MV2 Inventory module uniquely offers a powerful, integrated solution which combines inventory, production and lean inventory methodologies, enabling consistent workflow while optimizing production intelligence data for more effective manufacturing operations management and better business results.


The Paper-Less MV2 Kanban module helps to accelerate and simplify the adoption of lean manufacturing processes. Lean is about reducing waste, visibility, implementing process improvements, reducing process variability and empowering employees to do their jobs. MV2 Kanban makes it easy to implement lean processes and improve inventory management by offering electronic Kanban tools.


Quality management professionals are concerned with all aspects of production operations that may impact quality performance and customer satisfaction. The Paper-Less MV2 Quality module provides tremendous, real-time visibility into details about quality-related concerns such as administration, control plan design, control plan testing, non-conformance management and data extract. Improved visibility into quality-related details translates into increased velocity of meeting or exceeding quality requirements and the ability to rapidly address non-conformance issues.