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Demonstrating Smart Manufacturing Operations Management KPIs At FABTECH 2016

Paper-Less MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) System Offers Valuable Shop Floor Information for Continuous Improvement


Las Vegas – November 15, 2016 - Paper-Less, a manufacturing software and services technology leader, today announced a special demonstration of the company’s popular MV2 digital production operations management software based on manufacturing execution system (MES) technology. The special MV2 demonstration will feature new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) within MV2.  The Paper-Less MV2 KPIs offer the innovative ability to show key manufacturing performance metrics at a glance which are viewable across multiple types of mobile and computing devices. Paper-Less MV2 and the KPIs are being demonstrated by Paper-Less at the FABTECH trade show in booth number C23068 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 16 – 18, 2016.


“The Paper-Less MV2 KPIs provide manufacturing executives and managers the sophisticated, yet easy-to-use shop floor management information essential to achieving important business and production goals ,” explained Mike LeRoy, Paper-Less President.  “MV2’s new KPIs help manufacturing companies leverage the treasure trove of real-time data which is hidden inside existing business or manufacturing systems for continuous improvement.”


More about Paper-Less MV2 KPIs

The Paper-Less MV2 KPIs offer manufacturing executives immediate insight into the following key performance indicators about manufacturing production operations:

  • Downtime
  • Job Efficiency
  • On-time Manufacturing
  • OEE
  • OEE Performance
  • OEE Quality
  • OEE Availability
  • Quality Defect Codes

 “As we noted in our recent report about MES, too many manufacturing companies are still running their manufacturing operations using spreadsheets” said Lorenzo Veronesi, author of the recent IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing Execution 2016 Vendor Assessment.   Companies need an MES system to be the catalyst of change of an information deluge. With their new Paper-Less MV2 KPIs, Paper-Less is offering an important next step for manufacturing managers and executives to have immediate, actionable insight about critical manufacturing processes available to them wherever and however they may need to access the information.”

Paper-Less was recently recognized by IDC as a major player in the MES market.  An excerpt of the report titled “IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing Execution System 2016 Vendor Assessment,” is available at the following link: http://www.paperlessllc.com/idcmesrequest

More about Paper-Less MV2

The Paper-Less MV2 advanced MES software optimizes production operations management for increasing efficiency while reducing paper.  Unlike other MES solutions, MV2 offers unique electronic shop packets, deep integration with production workflows, browser-based user interface, multi-language support and open ERP integration. Plant managers, engineers and others gain visibility into shop floor processes including scheduling, production and labor reporting, material tracking, quality testing and Kanban status.  Real-time alerts provide problem notifications and enable manage by exception.  Historical information may be analyzed for fine-tuning production operations.

Paper-Less MV2 and the Paper-Less MV2 KPIs are available immediately through Paper-Less solution partners worldwide or directly from Paper-Less. 


About Paper-Less

Paper-Less is a technology leader and pioneer in manufacturing execution systems (MES) software and services, providing solutions and real-time insight for better management of complex manufacturing environments. Since 2000, Paper-Less has consistently helped manufacturing companies gain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving global market. Paper-Less solutions replace cumbersome paper-based processes, improving communication between the shop floor and the office, while optimizing efficiency and cost-savings. Paper-Less is a privately held company based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. 


More information can be found by viewing the Paper-Less company video at http://info.paperlessllc.com/paper-less-company-video

 or by visiting  www.paperlessllc.com,

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/paper-less-llc\

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